Why Retain Digital Market Research?

Only certain types of businesses are going to profit from Digital Market Research's (DMR) depth of experience and unique abilities. DMR tailors each project to benefit our clients and their business for both immediate and long term results. Equally important, you will feel secure knowing that DMR has the knowledge and experience to provide full time or consultative staff to meet your resource requirements in a manner that achieves your business goals. Human resources is the largest investment you're going to make into your business. An investment in Digital Market Research’s technology services professional sourcing translates into a direct investment into the growth and protection of your business. We are successful because we have:

Relationship Management — a lead partner serves as your single point of contact, drawing on specialists who understand your industry, business and culture.

Expertise — We are not trying to be all things to all people. We offer specialized technology services along with locating and providing I.T. professionals. We have deep industry experience fulfilling specific resource requirements for organizations needing full time or consultative expertise in planning and implementing business automation solutions.

Efficiency — Because we are specialized, we have techniques and tools that allow us to perform an assignment better, faster, and more cost effectively. We've developed these techniques and tools through our successful completion of assignments. This offers two benefits: It decreases our lead time required to begin a task and it provides us with the means to offer consistent and reliable results.

Concentration — Because we can concentrate on accomplishing a critical assignment quickly, our client can focus on their on-going business without diversion

Objectivity — We bring a fresh viewpoint, unencumbered by political pressure or bias. If we cannot help our client, we will say so and refer them to other appropriate sources.

When it comes to personnel, we deliver what we have learned through years of staffing our own successful projects. The ability to ask the right questions to find candidates' strengths, weaknesses and appropriateness for a particular task or position. We can find the proper professional because we have a:

Sense of urgency and commitment — a drive to complete the assignment with speed and accuracy to get the qualified candidate that matches the client's need.

Well-defined search plan — including client and position descriptions, candidate qualifications, key selection factors, salary and benefits, and career potential.

Rapid response database — our cutting-edge technology allows us to tap into a database containing senior-level candidates around the country who are the leaders in our areas of expertise.

Focused candidate evaluation — including a comprehensive interview guide so that all candidates are evaluated against the same selection criteria and thorough verification of educational and professional qualifications, personal references, employment history, salary and benefits.

Strategic recruiting plan — helping you create a competitive employment offer consistent with your objectives.

High retention rate — several follow-up contacts to make sure the candidate is successfully integrated into your organization.

Unmatched quality — gathering direct, written feedback from the candidate and client to help improve our ongoing partnership with you.